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Anatomy of the Forearm, Wrist, and Hand


No more searching through thick anatomy books.

This will be the one reference you need

next to you and your hand patients!


      A practical book with clearly labeled drawings of surface anatomy and bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves, arteries and veins  

      Clinical testing and common disorders of the hand are featured

      Designed for every day use with large format drawings, which will lay flat on your table

      Lavishly illustrated by an experienced hand therapist, it concisely communicates the structures of the forearm, wrist and hand


"Anatomy is the foundation on which everything we know about hand function, diagnosis, and treatment is based. Despite its importance, patients never, and therapists infrequently have an opportunity to see the intricate, compact structures within the appendage that makes us human. Here Cynthia Canos manual of forearm and hand anatomy fills a gap. Her pen and ink drawings systematically depict the anatomic details with accuracy and clarity. I am certain that copies of the manual will get dog-eared, marked up and colored as the material is learned, discussed and reviewed by health care professionals and patients. Congratulations, Cynthia, on strengthening the foundation of our understanding".


Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, University of California, Los Angeles. 

"Cynthia Cano has created an anatomy guide that is clearly presented and beautifully illustrated. The illustrations are accompanied by key facts pertaining to each anatomic system. The section describing clinical tests and common disorders is particularly useful as a quick reference. Healthcare professionals of all levels will find the manual to be a valuable reference and teaching tool."


Director of Therapy, Philadelphia Hand Center, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

These original illustrations 
are art in fact; 
more than just pictures.